Handing down skills and taking pride in our work

Bags with strong attachments are precious and irreplaceable for their owners. They are like a partner in their daily lives and have possibly been passed down through generations. We are leather repair professionals who support customers' valuable leather products through our repair and refined work. Since our establishment in 1961, we have revived more than 5 million products, mainly from the world's top brands. Our 100 artisans continue to work hard on each repair, putting their heart in their work, and picturing customers' satisfied faces. Splurged has offered excellent skills and courteous services to customers. Its advanced quality management system has been applied to a wide range of orders, from one to bulk, for more than half a century. We continue to develop our skills and to provide better services in order to handle a wide range of leather problems.

Making our customers happy for over half a century.

Splurged started as a small store, run by my mother who made and repaired bags 60 years ago. Our work ethic is to value our customers' attachment and repair their products while preserving their original quality and brand value, not just making the product look new. This ethic has been intact since our establishment. We have established a reputation, based on our perfect finish and fast delivery. We always aim to achieve excellent results for a wide range of repair requirements.

Our job includes repairing our customers "one and only items". Our sales staff, receiving the items, work closely together with our artisans, who repair them. Both of them strive for returning perfectly repaired items as soon as possible. Even two identical items will require different repairs, depending on usage or age. Therefore, our staff will always adapt and take care of even unusual repairs. Each repair assignment gives them a feeling of tension and responsibility, because they can't fail. Once completed, this tension will turn into a deep satisfaction.

We have internalized the top brands' unique craftsmanship by closely observing how they pay attention even to parts that are not usually seen. Their designs, sometimes surprising, have led us to deeply respect them. We appreciate that we can study these brands' specialties closely, such as structures, production processes, and selected materials. In addition, we are glad to share our customers' affection towards these brands and to feel their attachment toward their items.

As a professional repair company, we appreciate brand histories and reflect this in our repair procedures. We always do our best work across a wide range of procedures. Our work ethic has been intact since our establishment. We will continue to help and increasing number of customers with our excellent skills and team work. We hope to become your trusted repair store.


Junction 8 Mall
9 Bishan Pl #02-12
Singapore 579837
PHONE : +65-6352-9112
2-minute walk from the Bishan station.