Why do customers select us?

01 Accepting bulk orders

Splurged has office in Singapore and we have a group of experienced artisans who have excellent skills. They have worked towards achieving the world's top level of repair while providing courteous service to our customers. We have a variety of artisans, from experienced to young and creative. These artisans know how to restore products while preserving their original refined quality. Therefore, many world's top brands trust our aesthetic finish and fast delivery. Our work ethic and passion have been passed down as the art of leather repair since our establishment. The repair requirements vary for each item. Even two identical items will require different repairs, depending on small differences in their damages. Therefore, our artisans must be flexible when repairing according to circumstances. Even experienced artisans should keep themselves open to new ideas and repair techniques to deal with a wide range of products. We do our best to achieve a perfect finish in order to hide repairs in a way that our customers can't even find them!

Why do customers select us?

02 Building trust not only through our skills

After we receive our customers' damaged products from our sales staff, from our stores, or by carrier, we will carefully examine each of them to determine necessary repairs, and will create a repair form. Then, each professional team will work on the repairs according to the form. Our artisans will also work on enhancing durability, such as adding inner liner reinforcements to parts that are frequently rubbed by friction. Offering this extra care allows our customers to use their beloved products for a long time.
Our team leaders are in charge of supervising the repair process and of checking the final result. After that, our sales staff will perform a final check by consulting the repair form. They will check if all necessary repairs have been done perfectly and if their finish retains the brand's reputation and quality. Only products that pass these tests will be returned to our customers. Our professional teams take pride in their work and do their best to beautify and reinforce products.
【Repair procedure】
Splurged provides the highest quality service in a consistent manner as quickly as possible. We respond to any kinds of problem with bags. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
  1. Shops,Brand companies
  2. Order receipt,Inspection
  3. Specialized teams will undertake each task.
    • Maintenance
    • STAIN
    • DYEING
    *Our experienced staff go over each item.
  4. Inspction,Delivery
  5. Shops,Brand companies

If you have any inquires or concerns, or you need some advice, please contact us here.